Hi there! I’m Eduardo Trujillo. I’m a software engineer, nerd, and iced coffee drinker currently living in San Francisco, CA. In the past, I’ve also had the chance to live in London, Seattle, and Athens, GA, where I studied Computer Science at the University of Georgia.

Technology in general is one of my passions, though I do tend to focus more on the software side of things. You’ll find me messing with either the frontend or backend of a system. My interests range from systems administration, server-side programming, to application and graphic design.

Javascript and PHP have sort of been the lingua francas of the internet, so good chunk of my professional work has revolved around these. I’ve also tinkered with many other languages (Go, Python, C++) during my free time or for school work. However, functional languages like Haskell and Rust have started to win my heart over with their better safety guarantees and awesome features.

Chromabits is both the name of my blog and the pseudo-organization name that I use on my personal projects. Here I post, complain, share, and discuss about things that are going through my mind at the moment, projects that I’ve been working on, and topics that I find interesting.


Eduardo Trujillo
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