The server behind this blog.


This blog has undergone a few re-writes over time as I experiment with different projects and technologies. It’s most recent iterations have been based around building a static website. Espresso was born out of the need to more easily deploy these static sites, particularly when running in a containerized environment.

Espresso was originally built using Haskell and the Warp server, however, it later underwent a re-write in Rust.

The Rust implementation has the following features:

  • Declarative server configuration via TOML files and environment variables.
  • Multi-threaded design using Tokio.
  • Downloads site bundle from S3 or serves a local directory.
  • Health check endpoint.
  • Built-in fallback error pages.
  • Kubernetes Helm chart.
  • Bundler utility for uploading bundles S3.
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