Utilities for serving static sites and blogs with Wai/Warp.

Warp is a really performant web server for Haskell applications that follow the Wai interface. Kawaii is a library that encapsulates a lot of the boilerplate involved in setting up a Warp/Wai server for hosting static websites and blogs.

The library was originally part of the source code of the Chromabits blog, but refactored to be more generic and work with more projects.


  • Wai applications: Static website, home redirector.
  • Built-in HTTP and HTTPS servers.
  • A CLI for launching a basic server on any directory.
  • Middlewares:

    • Logger: Logs all requests to stdout in Apache-like format.
    • Force SSL: Redirects all visitor accessing a site from HTTP to the HTTPS version.
    • GZip
    • Domain enforcer: Redirects visitors to a specified domain. This allows authors to create redirections from a www to a non-www domain or vice-versa.
    • Security headers
    • HSTS
    • Content Security Policies: Besides adding the appropriate headers, the middleware includes a mini-DSL for describing the desired rules in Haskell.
    • De-indexify middleware: Many static site generators use index.html for many paths to avoid showing any extensions as part of an URL. This middleware ensures that even if a visitor directly accesses a URL ending in index.html, they get redirected and served the directory version: -->
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